About Shawn

About Shawn

Shawn Hawkins is a self-taught contemporary artist painting with a focus on realism, impressionism and abstract. He has always had a budding interest in art as a child. Doodling in notebooks, on school desks and the walls of his childhood home, he was constantly developing his artistic skills.

In 2008, while on death row and amid some dark and challenging times, he discovered his gift (and love) for painting. With used watercolors in hand, he picked up his first brush and began an indescribable relationship with art that has forever changed his life. Painting has been a saving grace in Shawn’s life.

Painting has given Shawn an avenue for artistic expression and afforded him a sense of freedom from his physical circumstances. He has new found meaning and value in his voice and life. Art is a beautiful thing that rivalled the ugliness (pain) that engulfed his life for so long.

Getting inspiration from the world around him Shawn’s paintings are diverse in subject matter. Sports icons, music legends and political figures are just some of the subjects he has been inspired to paint.  Although a majority of his paintings have been in the realism realm of contemporary art, Shawn is looking forward to letting his imagination flow with more impressionist/abstract paintings. His fun/whimsical side shines in some of the animal paintings particularly the colorful raccoon, giraffe and panda. Shawn has done numerous commissioned paintings such as memorial pieces, portraits, treasured pets and one of a kind creations.

Shawn’s gift continues to unfold and give way to the unexpected. He invites all art lovers to check out his works and become part of the experience with him.

If you have any questions concerning his cathartic journey of art he welcomes you to contact him.

Shawn also has a profile, some artwork and musings on prisonfriendship.com check it out.


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